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Allison Miller
Intro to Mass Comm

The students of the University of Iowa have expressed much annoyance over the topic of late-night. The feud between NBC, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien has been ongoing for months. It seems there is no end. Will this controversy hurt NBC’s ratings? There is much speculation that NBC could be hurting, due to the poor handling of this situation, once the late-night series is altered. This controversy is covered a lot in the media, which reaches out to a lot of students. What side are the students on? To decide if this topic was of much importance to them, we released a poll to approximately 1600 undergraduate students. 201 responses were received back.
According to the poll, 182 students were aware of the conflict and only 15 of them were unaware completely. This is interesting because of how much press this conflict received. It is important to realize that not every person watches the news or cares about public issues, especially ones that are minor in the world.
It looks like bad news for NBC, 54.5% of the students polled believed NBC’s ratings would be affected negatively. Only a miniscule 12.1% thought there would be a positive effect, leaving 32.8% to having no effect, and .5% to another category. One student’s suggestion for improving these ratings, “I would have gone back in time and not given Jay Leno a prime time talk show on the network; since time travel is not currently a viable option, I would have honored Conan O’Brien’s contract to be host of The Tonight Show and let Leno leave the network.” This would be a great option; however, we cannot turn back a clock. On another hand, another student states that the spot should be given “to the host with the best ratings.”
120 people polled believed Leno’s ratings would be hurt once NBC made the switch back because he had been gone for so long and people were angry with him. Many cannot wait for his return to his original time slot just to see if these stats hold true. Conan’s ratings are thought to skyrocket when he finds a new show to host. A whopping 134 polled thought Conan would not get bad ratings. We hope to see how this plays out.
Seeing as the students decided that Conan’s ratings were not going to decrease and Leno’s were thought to increase, I would have to come to the conclusion that Conan is the most favorable. Although the poll states that 97 people believe Jay Leno was favored, 87 for Conan still linger right behind. These were based solely on the publicity and the rewarded time slot to Jay Leno. Clearly, this is a huge controversy and a lot of University of Iowa students showed a lot of support through polling. Hopefully, NBC can get their stuff together so they do not lose so much money next time.


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Jordan Taylor
Poll Story

University of Iowa Dissatisfaction with Parking

A recent study conducted at The University Of Iowa by a group of undergraduate students reveled the dissatisfaction with parking policies both on campus and downtown Iowa City.

For the survey, the response rate was 27.3% and the sampling error was 2.6%. So out of the 301 undergrad students that participated in the survey, it showed that 70% of them were unsatisfied with the parking situation here on campus and downtown. There was only a small percentage of 3.5% of students who actually claimed to be satisfied with the parking.

The students that conducted the survey thought that the freshman would not be as affected by the parking situation or would not have as much experience with it because they do not have cars and they have a bus system that picks them up and drops them off.

Also, in the survey students who received multiple tickets were found to be more unsatisfied then other who did not, and students who have had other problems like being late to class were more unsatisfied with the parking situations then the students who have not had those problems.

Possible solutions to these problems would be to add many more spots around campus or turn a parking ramp into a student only parking ramp where it is prepaid. Other solutions are to use u-bill/debit card meters so that the meters actually get paid.

This is an important thing for the students at the University, and the Administration/city should really look into trying to fix this problem and implement some of these solutions ore there will be a lot of angry people in Iowa City.

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Ty Tannatt
Poll Story
May 6, 2010
College Students are on Conan’s Side.
In a recent poll done by students at the University of Iowa, it appears as though college kids prefer watching Conan O’brien’s Late Show almost twice as much as any other late night talk show including the man who took back his time slot Jay Leno. The study showed that 36.4% watched Conan, compared to 21.7% who watched Leno. The study also included David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, and a category for other late night entertainers. All three of the other late night categories were doubled up by the fans of Conan.
This is quite an interesting find considering NBC just awarded Jay Leno the Tonight Show, after his prime time show wasn’t up to par. Conan was forced to decide whether to take his old show back (Late Night with Conan O’brien) or move on with his career. He did the latter and is now going to be appearing on a late night show on the cable network TBS where he will have a younger crowd to support him.
Another major finding in the poll concluded that 44% believe the situation favored Conan O’brien. So it seems as though people believe his Late Show wasn’t the best and something new is what is best for him.
At the same time 48.5% believe the situation favored Jay Leno. This makes a lot of sense because when Leno was on the Late Show his was number 1 in ratings for many years. It appears as though college students believe he is at his best while on the Late Show.
Students also suggested that they believed the majority of the public would like to see Conan O’brien on the Late Show and believed that NBC’s ratings will be negatively affected. College students appear to be behind Conan on the Late Night Show controversy. They will get their wish in November when his new show will start on TBS.

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Kelly O’Neill
May 6, 2010
UI Students Unhappy with Parking, Survey Shows

A recent poll conducted by 10 University of Iowa journalism students revealed that over 70 per cent of the Iowa undergraduate community is unsatisfied with on-campus parking.
Over 300 students filled out a survey that was designed to analyze the satisfaction rate with the parking situation in downtown Iowa City. While it appears that freshmen are less affected by this issue because fewer freshmen have a car, the upperclassmen deemed it a very significant topic. The survey showed that 81 per cent of the respondents have a car here at school.
There was a significant relationship between how satisfied students are with on-campus parking and whether or not they had ever been late to class due to not being able to find a parking spot. This is appropriate in the sense that a student who has been late to class after searching for a parking spot would be much less satisfied than a student who has never been late to class for that same reason would be.
The survey showed that only 3.5 per cent of students are currently satisfied with parking at the University of Iowa. Because of this, the survey also asked students about other forms of parking to try to improve the situation.
Some of these new alternatives included having a pre-paid student ramp, installing meters with credit card capability, or being able to charge meter fees to students’ U-bills. These measures among others are being looked at by the university parking officials.
This survey had an overall response rate of 27 per cent and a sampling error of +/- six per cent.

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Ben Schuff
Dr. Yao
May 6, 2010
Poll Story

A recent survey shows that undergraduate students at the University of Iowa view health benefits as one of the major advantages of a campus wide smoking ban that went into effect in July of 2008.
The survey, comprised of 210 undergraduate student responses, was conducted from April 2nd through May 2nd by a group of nine University of Iowa students.
The survey showed that 70.3 percent of respondents “strongly agree” with the statement, “overall, people at the University of Iowa benefit from the smoking ban in regards to their health.”
Other benefits of the smoking ban that respondents wrote in on the survey included “an overall cleaner campus and better environment” and “not having to deal with the smell of smoke.”
Furthermore, 68.8 percent of respondents “strongly agree” with the smoking ban, while 10.4 percent “strongly disagree.”
The campus wide ban on smoking prohibits anyone from smoking in any university owned buildings or on university grounds. The ban was part of a larger statewide ban on smoking, the Smoke-Free Air Act. That Act was signed into law by Gov. Chet Culver on April 15th, 2008.
Controversial in nature, the survey found that 41.1 percent of respondents “strongly agree” that the smoking ban on the Iowa campus is fair to smokers. In addition, 24.3 percent “agree” agree that the ban is fair to smokers, 10.9 percent “disagree” that the ban is fair to smokers, and 13.9 percent “strongly disagree” that the ban is fair to smokers.
A further look shows that of the 24 respondents (11.4 percent) who said they smoked cigarettes, 11 marked on their surveys that they “disagree” or “strongly disagree” with the smoking ban on campus.
Of the same 24 respondents who admitted to smoking, 14 marked on the survey that they “disagree” or “strongly disagree” with the statement, “the smoking ban is fair to smokers.”
The survey had a margin of error of +/- 3.6 percent.

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By Sarah Claypool
IOWA CITY, May 5 – A recent poll found that a substantial majority of University of Iowa students are unwilling to appear on MTV reality shows and believe that going on a MTV reality show would negatively impact future job prospects.
The poll, which surveyed 200 University of Iowa students through e-mail, was conducted in the month of April by students in Dr. Qingjiang Yao’s Mass Media and Public Opinion class. The poll had a sampling error of 5.4%.
The remarkable popularity of MTV reality shows like “Jersey Shore” and “The Real World” inspired the students to investigate Iowa student’s opinions of the consequences of appearing on such shows.
Only 36.7% of students said they would be willing to appear on a MTV reality show. 80.4% thought that going on a show would negatively affect their future job prospects.
Interestingly, the poll found gender differences in willingness to appear on a show and the perceived impact. Males were more likely to respond that they would be willing to go on a MTV reality show and were less likely to think that it would have a negative impact on job prospects.
The unwillingness to appear on MTV reality shows and the opinion that doing so would harm the chances of getting a job is likely influenced by students’ perception of the portrayal of MTV show participants. 68.8% of UI students thought that MTV reality show participants are portrayed negatively.
One respondent of the poll commented, “I wouldn’t go on one of those shows because you are being portrayed negatively to the nation.” Another thought that “employers could easily get an opinion about you just if they heard you were on a MTV reality TV show.”
The results of the poll suggest that University of Iowa students consider the future consequences of appearing on a MTV reality show and most have concluded that going on such a show would be damaging to their career prospects.

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A recent poll conducted by University of Iowa Journalism students found that most undergraduates are negatively impacted by the parking situations on campus and in downtown Iowa City because of the costly meters, ramps, parking lots, and possible tickets.
Freshman and juniors were the most affected, while freshmen were the least affected by the parking issue.
81.3% of students park in spots that cost money, and most students drive to campus or downtown at least four times per week.
70% of students are unsatisfied with the University of Iowa and downtown Iowa City’s parking situation. Out of these 70%, 40.4% are highly unsatisfied.
Not only is cost of parking an issue, but also the unavailability of parking spots can negatively affect students. This could impact their tardiness to class or work, and cause unnecessary added stress.
Possible solutions to this would be to add parking spots. For the costliness, suggestions for solutions include swiping to the U-Bill and debit/credit card swipes.
This survey was conducted in order for the University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Department understand and hopefully will take into consideration and reevaluate parking options.
Despite the poor parking situation, the majority of the undergraduate student body drive to campus or downtown. If the University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Department understand what the majority of students’ opinions are, maybe they will make productive changes.

Rosalind Sixbey

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